Bye-Bye, Furby!

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There was this girl, call her Furby, a short one, maybe she’s not that short but she always look so short, midget like but not really midget like. She’s not ugly, but when I see her face I always tell her she’s ugly *evil grin.

I haven’t known her for long. In fact, I didn’t really know much about her. All I knew was she’s childish some time, acting weird most of the time, cute with her babyish appearance, in love with dog and horse, keeping much of her feelings for herself, thinking a lot of difficult things which she didn’t have to, and she’s diligent, etc. I always try to know or to understand her more, but she always push me back.

I love the way she called me, the way we had conversations, and the way I could make jokes about her. I think I got a feeling for her, but it’s not lust (hell no!), it’s more like a feeling of a brother to his baby sister, or maybe like a boy to his pet. Yeah, I think the latter sounds more proper. That was in the past.

We’ve been together for around a year or less, and we’ve been separated for some months ( it felt like years).  The next time we met, she’s changed a lot. A lot. Our last conversation was so dry, and she made me felt like a pest when I tried to start it. Or maybe it’s because she’s in hurry or something. I don’t know. But from our last meeting I concluded that she’s not the same person I have known before. She was so much more mature from the way she acted and talked, she had different topics to talk to, she had so many friends, and she had a lot more confidence in herself. She changed into a better person, and it’s good for her. I’m happy, but our relationship will never be the same like what I thought we had before. Maybe this is how it feels when a father let her children go, for they are mature, and they have to take care of themselves, to be independent. And he knows that they will not come everyday, they will be busy with their own life, they will not call just to say “hi”, and that he might not see them anymore.

Maybe I’m just exaggerating, but I really miss her, the girl I used to know.  But her changes will make her happy, so why would I ask her to be her old self?!

So this is goodbye. I will leave you alone in your world now, and I will forget about you. ^_^


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