Soldiers Who Build Road

Not long ago, when I was a lot younger, that’s quite long actually, my teacher at CNN International asked me:  “Does gun has any purpose but to hurt?” He unintentionally resound Homer’s words that “the blade itself incites to violence” which I have seen on my Rome: Total War game. I didn’t have any answer to that question.

But not so long ago, I saw a  war-zone-report program and they were talking about Indonesian Garuda contingent. They were stationed at Congo, but guess what, they were not there to ensure security, to fight rebels, or any “Black Hawk Down” action you saw on TV. I heard they didn’t even allowed to open fire. They were on a special mission, a very special one, to build a highway from Dungu to Faradje. And that highway was not for a troop mobilization purpose, it was meant for the welfare of the people around there. It was new for me.

So, it gave me a glimmer of light. Maybe what was meant to hurt, can one day be transformed.

For a better world, it is worth a try.


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