Indonesian’s Eleven

Indonesian’s Eleven, you are the eleven finest players we got. You are the hope of this people, of us. We, who have lost everything, living in a hopeless life, frightened by the future, choked by our present condition. We have nothing to live for. But you give us hope. You give us a reason to live, to yell, to cry, to jump in euphoria!

When you cry, we cry. When you’re hurt, we feel it too. When somebody do something wrong to you, like a cub parents, we’ll make sure they won’t go home in piece. When you’re happy, we have a big party in our heart.

You carry a very heavy burden, our hope, our expectation, and we’re sorry for that. But what can we do about it? You are the embodiment of glory we’ve never had in reality. Even if it’s just a glimpse, or even an illusion, it’s enough, it’s even more than enough!

Thank you for everything! Thank you for uniting us here, crossing borders and difference. Thank you for burning our heart! Thank you for this hope!

Whatever the outcome today, we know you’ve won!!!



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