Update (November 6th 2010)

At my university, I met many new persons. But some of them reminded me of the past.

There was this senior girl Ely who looked like someone special to me in the past, but as time went by, people changed, and we haven’t talk anymore to each other for a long time. So, she kinda gives me a blue every time I see her.

And I also found another girl called Sonia, who resembles Ferina and Emiriya in the same time. So, I always have a grin (more like a smirk) every time I see her.

And Mr. Hosten introduced me to a girl, who reminded me of myself in my past. But I believe she’s a lot better than me. I just gave her some of my stories (’cause what else can I give to a doctor-wanna-be? Biology lesson?!) to help her gaining confidence in entering UI. Let’s hope I did something useful.

I’m very exhausted with my role as a staff on an event, and if Obama is really coming to UI, I’m going to be more exhausted.

P.S: My English is really broken these days, so many grammatical error, so few vocab, wrong diction, somebody please help me!!!


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