On Air

In this long long holidays, I must admit I’ve done nothing but slacking around at home. I’m being unproductive, in fact I’m probably counter-productive. I’ve been wasting my time watching movies, playing Super Nintendo games (I use emulator), and chatting. My intelligence probably de-gradating more and more since I no longer doing something productive. I’ve planned to write some articles and stitch some felt figures, but none of them continued as planned.

So, why don’t I tell you a bit about a Korean drama I’ve been watching like crazy this month?

ON AIR , that’s the title of the movie.

The movie tells a story behind the making of Korean drama. It revolves around a famous drama scriptwriter, a super famous actress, a bankrupt actor manager, and an amateur director. You will see how they  argue and even fight over dissent in the making of the drama, break-loose relationship, and some past in their life. But more than that, many things that people don’t know about Korean drama world will be exposed.

Beside the great storyline, the cast is also the thing that makes me really love it. Oh, and don’t forget the cameos!

Lee Beom Soo who plays as a bankrupt actor manager is really charismatic and manly. Although I know him from many comedy he has played before, he proved that he can play well this manager who has been betrayed many times but yet still believe in his actress.

Kim Ha Neul, Oooh, Kim Ha Neul!!! Oh Seung Ah, the actress she plays as, is probably my favourite heroine this year! She’s very beautiful but so arrogant. Just like thorny rose, beautiful but thorny. And her words are harsh among her fans and acquaintances. But we will see eventually that all of her arrogance is just a mask to cover her inner side. I love Oh Seung Ah!

You should watch it! You should watch it!!!

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