Deleting My Inbox

In this long time vacation, I have so much spare time, or maybe too much. Sometimes I’m just lying on my bed playing games on my 6120c and checking images or videos within. I realized that my mobile phone ran slower than usual and sometimes it’s just frozen. The cause of this problem was there was too many messages on my inbox. So the best solution was to delete some of them.

I started to scan for “deletion” candidates from the oldest one. The oldest one was a good night message from Astrid (7/4/2009) and some math solution from Adi (about exponent or something). That means I’ve done deletion not so long ago.

Each one of those messages brings back memories.

-When I was invited to Michelle’s sweet 17 party at Tamani Cafe (I got it from Alex, ’cause Michelle lost my number) which then led to my first meeting with some IPK Pluit girls who after some time turned into good friends with me. A funny kind of introductory meeting we had back then. I and my male friends gathered in a same table, then we make a courage game: each one of us chose a lady on the next table and try to know her name. Yeah, young blood.

-Some birthday messages for me. They kept me awake at dawn, not only because they were loud and noisy, but they also made me deadly curious whether more messages is coming.

-many messages from my Goethe friends, some messages from VC, my CNN friend, and there’s many-many more

But in spite of all the good memories they gave (and give, when I read it again), my mobile phone memory is limited. There are messages I still have to erase to make sure I can receive more messages in the future. Some important and meaningful messages will stay, but many valuable messages would have to be dumped.

Funny, I see it resembles life in a way. We have friends, a lot of them, but we have to “dump” (I think there’s another softer word for it. Help me here!) some old ones to make way for the new ones, though of course we will keep our best friends.

We don’t have unlimited room in our life. That’s why we have to make selections, which one we must hold on and which one we must let go.

Sad but inevitable.


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