Just yesterday, my old friend came to give me some souvenirs.

He’s not an ordinary friend I must say. He got this big birthmark on his face, and to make it worse, that birthmark grows. People call this handicap, or flaw. I call it disadvantage. When I was in junior high, because of his disadvantage, he’s a regular object of jokes, harsh jokes sometimes, and that’s not the worse part. He used to be ignored or shunned by his peers at school.Whenever there’s a group discussion, group work, basketball or baseball game, he would find it hard to get accepted in a group. Yes, “normal” people don’t like to interact with “different” people.

When I thought of it and I felt pity for him, random words flying in my mind.

With disadvantages, he gains strength.

Pain has made him invulnerable.

Who are you to pity him?

He’s stronger, wealthier, and fight more fiercely than you.

What you’ve done once, he has done it twice.

He’s better than anyone.

It is you who should do more effort.

So that you won’t be ashamed when you meet him in front of you when the game is over and he asked:

“Didn’t you take early start?”


2 thoughts on “Disadvantages

    1. yee..gw juga bingung tau. Gw kagak bolos kok kita ga ketemu.
      Mungkin karna lu ga pake kacamata gw ga kenalin lagi ye.

      Gmn di fakultas santet?

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