SMAK 1 students (2010 generation) were officially graduated on May 1st. I am one of them.

The best thing about graduated on May Day is when people say: “Damn, tomorrow is Labor Day. Streets will be full of demonstrators.” You would be the only one smiling and say: “You know what? It’s my graduation day.”

Each of us received a medal, an invaluable medal. What makes it invaluable? Not the material. And the cost: 20 million+(3 x 12 x 1 million)= 56 million, only makes the medal pricy. But the fact that only about 250 persons from the whole world received the medals makes  them classified as rare. The other medal need you to enter a day, a week, or a month competition, while we need to compete, train, and fight for 3 years to have this medal, it surely makes this medal invaluable. Hey, probably  I can be a zillionaire if I sold this medal on an auction!

3 years used to feel really long and hard. But now I just can’t believe I’ve through it all. I thought it was yesterday when I first entered SMAK 1.

Congratulations, for me and everyone graduated! Now get your butt out from high school, new stage of life is waiting!


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