English Speaking Examination Topics

In case you, my dear friends from SMAK 1, forgot, we are going to have English Speaking Exam.

And in case you forgot about the topics and Ms.Risuli’s website (or just don’t want to visit her blog at all costs), you don’t have to worry at all. Anton is here to save your day!


1. As a good citizen, we must pay taxes (Discussion/ Exposition)

2. Sex education should be started taught in Elementary School (Discussion/Exposition)

3. Internet plays very important role in my life. (Discussion/ Description)

4. School regulation must be strictly implemented. (Discussion)

5. Money can buy everything. (Discussion)

6. Drivers must not use mobile-phones while driving. (Discussion)

7. How to live a healthy lifestyle. (Explanation)

8. The more sophisticated gadget means the more easily people hijack others’ invention. (Exposition)

9. In 2008 and 2009 Indonesia managed to attract tourists from all over the world by its program ‘Visit Indonesia Year’. (Description/ Discussion)

10. Looting ATM by using sophisticated technology is a serious crime. (Discussion)

11. Poems are no longer popular. (Description/ Discussion)

12. I won’t forget the first time I entered my high school. (Recount)

13. A story which I always remember (Narrative)

14. My hobby is (not) unique (Description)

15. Traffic jam in Jakarta can never be solved. (Discussion/Description/Exposition)

16. Anton is so cool and handsome. (Explanation/Description)


7 thoughts on “English Speaking Examination Topics

  1. The topics are random or chosen?
    If it’s random, may I use excuses to re-draw?
    Something like this…

    12. I won’t forget the first time I entered my high school. (Recount)

    For my whole life, I have always been a true believer, I never cross what God ordered me to, and that includes not to lie. So, I can just humbly say that I have long forgot the first time I entered my high school, and to say that I won’t forget the first time I entered my high school would be a total blasphemy. Long story short, I can’t continue with this topic, I’d rather have you cut my tongue than to tell a tall tale. And don’t say that I didn’t warn you, to make someone tell a lie is a sin heavier than saying a lie itself.

    1. Great! Keep your faith strongly like that!
      And if you didn’t pass, you can always keep your head high.
      I’ll salute you, but I won’t follow you ^^

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