Anton Couture (Winter)

Inspired by one of Hans Christian Andersen’s works titled “The Little Match Girl”, our beloved designer known for his revolutionary breakthrough has made another unusual piece.

The Little Match Boy

It seems that his previous work was not awkward enough for him that now he has shown another work titled “The Little Match Boy”. Combination of pink flowery blanket, another version of unknown brand sunglasses, and PJ’s, really add unique characteristic of Anton. You can see from his face how happy he was just by looking at the fire of his match. That little boy was having fun looking at all the feasts, fun, and warmth, which were nothing but imagination. An irony to see how happy he was in the last hour of his life before the merciless cold of winter took his breath away. What an eye watering work!

(Multiple version of this picture available. just wait!)

P.S: What do you think of it, Astrid and Astrid’s lil sis?


8 thoughts on “Anton Couture (Winter)

  1. my second comment here hehe sorryyy….

    But my sis seems to like your first post better… It’s still nice though, very winter-y…
    my sis, Fiona, wants to see more of your fashion side, Ton. She thinks you’re talented!!

    1. Yes, I know. Believe it or not I also feel the same way.
      Maybe in the next design I will figure out something better.

      My dear Princess Fiona, it’s an honor to meet you! I’m Shreck.

  2. I think you will look better if you take off the glasses.
    that sunglasses makes you look like “tukang pijat tuna netra”
    It’s better for you to open “panti pijat” than become “the little match boy”..hahahaha

    1. indeed
      I was just thinking of hiding my identity, since this blog is for public, and couldn’t figure out anything else but sunglasses would do the trick.

  3. Just saw your reply, my sis was flattered and apparently… quite angry… (weird)
    She’s mad at you for calling her Princess Fiona… She wants Prince Charming, not Shrek. lol

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