Anton’s Candy Cane

Today, there was a Christmas celebration held at SMAK 1 (that’s my school). It was good, Gabriel troops sang like angels,  Gisel Idol sang some songs, she was beautiful..Hey, is it legal to ask Santa to give Gisel as my Christmas gift? Should write her at my wish-list ASAP!… btw, I’m getting out of focus, let’s get back to the topic.

Okay, after the show was over, I got back to the class to grab some food. Then, I was still in the class to help Princess Natasha to sell some of her cupcakes and chocolates while she was away. There was this girl called Yulita who bought…ok, we got out of focus again.

Now, the story began… So, I was in my way to get home from school today. But I realised it was still 12.00 o’clock in the afternoon, and Ciputra Mall was in front of me. Well, hanging around for some time wouldn’t be a bad idea. So I got there, looked for Gingerbread Man cookies and other Christmas dishes. And I found a Candy Cane! For information: I never had this before.

My Candy Cane

It cost me eight thousand rupiah. I took it with a great satisfaction! I love sweets! I love candy! I was craving for Candy Cane!

When I was on the bus, the candy cane was still in my hand. I was planning to enjoy it on the bus. When, a girl, a little toddler, looked at me. She looked at me with “that kind of look”. A look that would make any candy cane bearer understand that the looker wants no other but the most precious possession a candy cane bearer can ever have, the candy cane. It was a Psy-war, and I lost it. I gave her a giving up signal, I offered her the candy cane. But she shook her head, I kept offering her, but she kept shaking her head.

What a weird girl. An unexplainable genius, perhaps?!

But the candy cane was still mine and that’s all that matter the most.

This story ended happily!


4 thoughts on “Anton’s Candy Cane

  1. well it means the girl was smart, or i should say her mother was…
    i think she was told not to accept anything strange from stranger :p

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