That Girl Coming from Nowhere

A little note: This post is hard to understand, I know. It was an unexplainable random thought. So, don’t read seriously, it’s useless.

There she comes, with all her hocus pocus.
Funny, the first thing I concerned when I met her was her watch.
She is so bright, radiant.
Unlike the song “Dia” by Maliq:  She is not a kind of girl I expected, or I dreamed for, or I’ve been waiting for. She is just there, somehow stuck in my life, but then again I can’t get rid of her from it.
She took the position I want.
She had my group beaten.
She is always more. Smarter, more diligent, more creative, more active, more popular.
She is always respected, beloved by everyone.
She knows how to make things right, fun, and successful.
I envy her. That’s for sure.

Uh.. Oh..
Am I falling in love?
Can’t say it’s true, can’t say it’s wrong.
For I’m not sure.
We were so close. I’m still keeping my confused feeling.
When did it happen? That thing that makes us so distant?
Am I pulling away? Or you’re the one who is pushing me away?

Are you the one?
The one that I’ve been looking for?
There is no need for this romance.
It would hurt you, not me.
I think I would not say it.
Admiring you from afar is enough for me.

We’re going to be apart.
For a very long time I presume.
We’re not going to say goodbye.
For we have turned into strangers for each other.
I would let you go. I have no right to keep you here.
Fly…fly high my butterfly…fly away from me.
Then, when we meet again one day, I would probably be convinced.
My name is Anton, and I love you. Have you ever loved me?

Our story would end soon.

Come what may.

Do you think there would be a sequel? A more romantic sequel?

P.S. : I was planning of giving her something for her birthday. After I saw her wishlist, the first song in my playlist were “Don’t love You No More” from Craig David.


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