Anton Couture

I have seen some blogs like Astrid’s and Alberta’s, and so I thought it would be interesting to post something like that. You know…a photo about clothing and style. So, I post this photo:

First impression, he’s a terrorist.

But then you realized he has Pooh with him. Terroris kills, not carrying a doll. He must be something else.

He wore SMAK1 jacket, paired up with… Spiderman pajamas. He is unfashionably unfashionable, not an eyesore, but it is certainly unusual. And his cheap-unknown-brand-sunglasses together with the mask obviously added more thumbs down. Finally you realized that he’s just a little boy with his doll who is sick and has to go to the doctor at night.

After all that “euh”, “what?” and “swt”, you thrown at the picture above, it then made you think: what the heck is this weird guy doing?

Simply, he’s starting a new trend, a new craze, a new style, a new point of view on fashion, a revolutionary breakthrough on “how people should dress”.

Welcome to the future of clothing, where no one would be able to take their eyes off you. Just wait for Anton Winter Collection!


6 thoughts on “Anton Couture

  1. Your post is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! My lil sis and I cracked up so loud, our stomach hurt!
    I’m soooooo gonna wait for your winter collection, I believe your next collection is going to be HUGE in the fashion world haha

    PS: Instead of the sunglasses, I think you should opt for goggles…. They clearly make fashion statement haha L.O.V.E this post!

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