Is There Any Problem with Thought?

Well, my teacher, a man called HD, once ridiculed me with nickname “theoretical-man”. And some people actually laughed at that nickname.

I wonder what ridiculous from that word.

Is it a problem for people, that I make some set of theory as the base of my ideas? I used my thought to comprehend the world I’m living in and seeking knowledge to solve all those problems in my life.

“I think, therefore I exist”, René Descartes once said. It is only one simple sentence but yet so deep in meaning. That simple sentence is the foundation, a sole ground of further construction in a more complicated set of theories. Archimedes used to demand just one firm and immovable point in order to shift the entire earth; so if you manage to find just one thing, however slight, that is certain and unshakable, you can do what others can’t.

Many great actions and knowledge come from ideas. But probably my problem is that all ideas I have, stop there as ideas. And sometimes I have problem with putting my ideas across, leading to misunderstanding and confusion (even sometimes I confused myself). -_-” You don’t understand this post, do you?

3 thoughts on “Is There Any Problem with Thought?

  1. hoo
    mr HD calls you “theoretical-man” ??
    a bit explanation from me 🙂
    actually, that’s not a funny joke (for me, at least..)
    but sometimes I laugh too, although nothing funny about that ^^ *sorry* =p
    it’s because like “it must to be laughed”
    mr HD is a want to be respected person,
    so i think it’s nothing wrong to give him some respect by showing that he has a good sense of humor ^^
    i suggest you to not think deeply about that nickname ^^
    i love your critical thinking 😉
    although maybe it is difficult for some people to understand that..

  2. Nah…. forget what he said Anton, it doesn’t really matter anyway
    I, to be frank, quite admire your way of thinking. It’s unique, unpredictable, and actually quite sophisticated. You think about simple things but you always manage to twist them up a bit into something intriguing such as the orphanage story you’ve posted below….
    The story was very simple, how one had to choose between living in a high maintenance orphanage or live a not-so-special-ordinary live though with parents…. the story, IMO, was very simple, it didn’t talk about politics, the current financial crisis, nor about brain-twisting issues. The story was honest, simple, and I actually have never thought about that before….

    Lastly, I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion and ideas, so let’s celebrate and cherish the diversity of ideas. Okay, I think I just sound like a complete dork LOL

    PS: I think Mr HD actually admires you, otherwise he won’t always ask for your opinion everytime he teaches in class LOL

  3. Entah mengapa saya merasa kalian berdua ini mengira saya menulis post ini dalam keadaan marah, sedih, atau galau. Padahal saya cuman penasaran. Haha..

    Ya, tetapi terima kasih atas keperdulian kalian padaku! I love you full!

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