To wait…

Today, at a cool and comfortable atmosphere of Jakarta, which is quite unusual these days, a celebration was held by my team for the victory we earned. Well, we got 400K and it was kind of too much for us to save… speaking of lavish lifestyle. The budget was 350K, since 50K had been stolen already by our “beloved” team member named Josiah.

The team consisted of 5 persons (Alex, me, Christian, Vincent, and William, Josiah will never be counted) plus 3 persons “friends of the team” (Kevin, Wisnu, and Yusuf).  Everybody got on time except for me and Wisnu, we were late, but were not late enough to get people annoyed. Then we marched to “Red Tomato”, a Pizza restaurant located at the 2nd floor of  Taman Anggrek mall. Hmm…the 50% discount was unquestionably tempting.

We ordered a regular tuna pizza, a family-size salami pizza, two lasagnas, and a family-size New York style pizza with Hawaian topping and golden sweet potato crust. The last pizza we ordered was the most expensive of all, and the most wanted too.

Lasagnas came earlier, then tuna and salami were on the table in a short time. The lasagnas were OK, but the two pizzas… they were expensive and apparently not satisfactory. The pictures on the menu surely fooled me.

It took only some minutes for us to clean the plates, but we weren’t done yet. THE HAWAIAN was LATE! We wait, wait, wait, and wait. We reminded stewards over and over again. Our temper was getting shorter and shorter. We ordered another tuna pizza to help us “wait”. It didn’t work. The steward told us that the oven was dead unexpectedly. What can we say?

We wait and wait. Some of us were irritated already. THE HAWAIAN was still NOT ON THE TABLE!!! Okay, that’s it! We were going to cancel it.

And, walah! The steward brought it. I guessed that was the time we realized this pizza was the best. I bit the pizza, and I must say. . . it’s perfect. Crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, and the crust was. . .GREAT! It was more than what we had expected.

I guessed it worth our waiting.

We waited and we got impatient.

If we knew that we were waiting for something so dear, we would have been joyfully wait for it. We didn’t, and I believe it made the pizza tasted even more delicious. And I’m surely going back to “Red Tomato” for that pizza.

The moral of the story:

Be patient and wait. ‘Cause our time that we had spent to wait would makes anything we wait for becomes dearer. Wait in revel!


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