Maen Facebook, seru juga! Haha..

Hahaha… “Buku Muka” yang jadi saingan friendster ini seru juga buat dimaenin.

Ow, where should I begin? Oh, I know. Let’s start from the beginning lol.

Ok, once upon a time in the land of WhereverAntonExist, well just say a city named Jakarta, in a school that used SMAK 1 BPK Penabur Jakarta as it’s name, 4 boys who shared common interest in music decided to form a band. Well, if they weren’t stupid, they must be a sort of Anton (who often does unnecessary activities in random time) to form a band in this merciless school.

Now, now, this band called Crash Bandicot (yes, really-really uncreative name) needed a manager. Somehow, I, Anton Junior, bestowed with that prestige as the manager (As if I was the last man on earth). So, I took that job, as you can expect, far from seriously (responsibility is something you won’t find in this manager).

I was given the authority to manage the facebook profile of the band (something I will gladly abuse). Guess what?! I really did abuse their facebook profile *evil chuckle*.

I posted funny status, for every single hour. For example:

1.Kami sekarang mayat, berikan kami arti! Dukung kami!

2.Biar peluru menembus kulit, kami tetap meradang menerjang! Dukung kami!

3. Et cetera…

I took much of them from Chairil Anwar’s poems and revised them a bit. you can see, it’s awkward. Did you pay any attention to my writings? I said “for every single hour”. That would surely filled their friends’ notification box full. lol.

Then, I walked around their friends’ profiles and I just couldn’t help myself from giving stupid comments.

The next day, I was fired. The password was changed before I had time to do more harm on the band’s reputation.

Can’t say I upset though.


2 thoughts on “Maen Facebook, seru juga! Haha..

    1. Yeah, I found this new theme is great too!
      It gives me that kind of refreshing aura. You got me?

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