Haha..The biggest Toblerone!

It was raining this afternoon. The rain fell very hard and very much. In just about 1 hour, the road in front of my school was drowned. How did I go home?

Well, I hitchhiked my friend by the name Marsheillani (Special thx for her) who has a Kijang car. The flood was nothing in front of her car. I stopped at the bus shelter and take Transjakarta to proceed.

When I reached home, I was exhausted, wet, cold, and not really in the good mood. I opened the fridge to eat some Silverqueen, and…. Holy Smoke! I found this:


Wow!!! That’s the biggest Toblerone Chocolate I have ever seen! I was so happy, I even took 4 photographs before I actually took a bite. All of my exhaustion and bad feeling washed away just by a single bite of that big ultimate sweet chocolate pyramid. Oh, I love it!

What a good day!


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