Still “Jomblo” until 2009

Jomblo or single or not-yet-taken. That’s me!

Yeah, even until this Valentine I’m still celebrating it as a Jomblo.

Sometimes I take a time to think about it. What makes me a single even until now. And I make these conclusions:

-I’m still waiting for the right person.

-I’m afraid of getting involved in a serious relationship.

-I get nervous around women.

-I’m afraid of hurting someone. You know, just in case thing goes bad and we break up. I don’t want it happens.

-The least, because the most shameful for me, it’s because I’m not interesting enough for girls.

Well, how bout you, singles? What makes you single?

Happy Valentine! T_T


3 thoughts on “Still “Jomblo” until 2009

  1. yeah, right.
    Maybe I got carried away that day, with all of that hearts all around the place and couples all around the street.

    Yeah, you’re right. :mrgreen:

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