What an odd day!

6 February 2009. I will not forget about it.

Not only it’s a “TGIF” day, there’s something else today…

I believe if you were me, you would put this kind of “incident” in your blog too.

It was just like another Friday in February. It was a relax and cool day, very suitable for sleeping.

Nothing much really happened in the early morning, except the announcement that the electricity were going to be cut.

I guess that was the trigger of the silliest incident ever happened in this month.

Not long after the blackout, the lights went on again.

Then, it was Sociology time!

And a brick and a brack, a swoop and a sweep, a dud and a dudley happened..

My sociology teacher was at the tip of his anger nerve. And that incident suddenly happened.

My friend told him,” Sir, you’re zipper is down.” with the voice the whole class can hear. Spontaneously, the whole class laughed with a big and echoing but yet very ridiculing laughter. What a comedy! I still can’t wipe that grin from my face every time I remember it.

And that teacher was mad at us (special thanks to Josia and his extra laugh).

We got a double test that silly afternoon. Frustating!!! 😯 😯 😯

But 😆 it is a really funny incident  I had never seen for months. :mrgreen:


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