Three Kinds of “Smart”

Mr. Hosten, a teacher of mine, once told me a story. It was a long time ago.

He made an analogy of three kinds of “smart” in this world. Here is the story:

Once upon a time, there are three boys playing on the field together.

Suddenly, rain falls.

The first boy says goodbye to his friends and gets home quickly. Then he enjoys a cup of tea and watch the television. He’s “smart”.

The second boy raises his hands, looks at the sky and thinks. He tries to understand the composition of the rain drops, calculate the frequency of the drops, estimate the cycle of the water, etc. He’s “smart”.

The third boy runs as fast as he can and takes his umbrella. Then, he goes to the  market area nearby, and stands on the sidewalk with his umbrella. He offers his service to escort the pedestrians in return of money. Yes! He makes money. He’s “smart”.

Now, which one of these boys you want to be?


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