Signature Reading

The new consultant teacher named Novy (or something like that) taught my class two days ago.

Well, not really “taught”, but more to played with my class.

She told us to give her our autograph written with pencil.

And guess what!

She can read our personality through those signatures!

What a great skill she possess!

It’s like a magic trick, though I know she got it from psychology class she attended.

Then she read the autographs one by one in front of the class. And suddenly she came to mine!

Before she read it, she asked for my permission first.

Wow, that was unusual! The only person she asked for permission was just me. Anyway, my signature is so clear, even a kid can read my name clearly. So I thought she would just say,”The one who possess this signature is an honest person, so open and frank.” (at least something normal like that)

But apparently my prediction was wrong.

She said, “This person is an “easyly-stressed” type. Even something that people think as something normal, he considers it as failure. A minor loss for people would be as bad as a falling sky for him. When people only remember their simple blunder for one or two hours, this person grieves at it for one or two days. Very likely to get stressed.”

Wow! That was something!

She really did read me!

One example is when I knew the Q (a small organization in my school) leadership was given to Floriani instead of me. I was craving to be the new leader of Q. I want to change the whole system (which I despised so much) with the new power bestowed upon me. But apparently, everything turned not the way I wanted to.

Geez, I was so sad. My hope was thwarted mercilessly. And I still can’t get that feeling out from my mind. What a heart-breaker!

I really need help with my personality…


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