Beware! Penguins ahead!

They’re pro, they’re stealth, they’re deadly, they’re PENGUINS!!!

I watched Madagascar 2 at GI Blitzmegaplex last December (and I’ve watched Madagascar at TV too), and this penguins gang is my favourite!

This penguins team are adept at doing everything with their cute feet and cuddly wings as long as they are together. Nothing is impossible for this pack of fowls to overcome. Escaping the high level security¬† zoo, hijacking ship, expeditioning, beating packs of foosa, “catapultedly fly and emergencyly landed” a scraped plane (is it in english?), cleverly taking tourist’s car, turning a destroyed plane into a hi-tech flying transportation means, are just a little examples of their successful operations.

Let me introduce you to:

Skipper.(centre, front) He’s the honcho of the penguins. In charge of giving orders and negotiations to ensure the success of operations, this penguin is surely doing a well done job. Slapping and barking, he is a respected leader and a great example of yakuza boss. None of his cute and cuddly underlings has gut to question his order.

Kowalski.(behind Skipper) The tallest and smartest of the penguins. He is in charge of plan design. But probably the most notable role he has is taking notes for Skipper.

Private. (left) Also known as Ryan – Distinguishable by his googly eyes and soft British accent, he is the youngest of the group. Good at cracking codes, he is often slapped by the Skipper. Often used as bait. Also take notes for the Skipper. He is often considered as the most expendable of the group by the other members.

Rico.(right) Natural born weapon of devastation. Every part of his body is a means of destruction. A hardened soldier, explosives expert, knife wizard, excellent swimmer, and master of the art of sushi making. He is literally the tool of the gang, serving as pick lock, automatic gun, and dynamite carrier. Eggnog, Hai, and Ka-boom! are the only vocabulary he has.

Operation Tourist Trap : link

Run! Penguins coming !

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