The Answer (lyric)

The Answer

[by: Corrinne May]


I believe You are the answer to every tear I’ve cried

I believe that You are with me,

My rising and my light.

{Reff 1}

Give me strength when I am weary

Give me hope when I can’t see

Through the crosses I must carry

Lord, bind my heart to thee

{Reff 2}

That when all my days are over

and all my chores are done,

I may see Your risen Glory

Forever where You are.

(Repeat Reff 1&2)


Lagu ini seperti doa..

Lagu ini mengetuk hati saya..

Semoga anda pun bisa merasakan hal yang sama ketika mendengar lagu ini.

Anda bisa mendengarnya di link: imeem , Myspace

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