The Day of Separation

The Day of Separation

The time has come!crying
The time has come!
Wake up, and prepare!

Wake up!
Children of fate, wake up!
Your rest is gone
Prepare yourself and get ready to run

Run, my children, run!
The darkness is coming
And they come to get you

So run, and don’t look back!

It is your destiny
It is your fate

The future is in your hand

Find the light of truth
The fiery truth that will burn all lies

The blinding light that will dissolve all dark

Farewell, my sweet children…

The day has died

We can guide you no more

You must choose your own path now

There is no time for tears

You are our only hope

Do not cry

’cause we will live in your heart

Farewell, my precious children…


[Inspired by: Liberi Fatali]


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